At Eurofirms we are specialists in the selection of all types of profiles.

We cover job vacancies for executive and intermediate positions, as well as temporary staffing.

We have established a value-based management model in the Human Resource sector, based on three key pillars: people, innovation and service excellence.


Fields of expertise

Energy, Engineering and Infrastructure
Industry and Supply Chain
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Interim Management
IT & Digital
Human Resources

About Us

Eurofirms Group is the leading Spanish HR company, with an annual turnover of more than 380 million euros. More than 750 employees, 100 offices and 25 years’ experience prove our worth as trusted advisors in the field of the HR.

At Eurofirms we are specialists in directly seeking out senior and middle managers for all the main fields of employment. Our consultants are our most valuable asset: they have extensive experience in selecting candidates for a wide range of industries and they share a code of values: transparency, responsibility and respect.  


Why Eurofirms?

A reliable partner in the attraction of talent:

  • Quality Delivery: our people-focused approach means we can seek out, attract and assess the best talent for your company.
  • Technological innovation applied to people management.
  • International Approach: our network of high potential candidates is internationally mobile. Global searches for candidates are conducted.
  • Confidentialy & Trust: The partnership with our clients is strategic, trusted and creates zero conflict of interest.
  • Understanding your corporate culture: We believe that in order for candidates to truly succeed in your organization they must also match your corporate culture.
  • Management Based on values: our work is based in our values including transparency, responsibility and respect, building long-term working relationships.

Our locations

With more than 130 offices, headquarters located in Spain, presence in all over the Netherlands and Portugal, and local partners in different regions across the globe we are perfectly positioned to attract the best talent independently of their country of residence.